3. "Drawing from multiple sources, create your own devotional. Keep a journal to chart your passage through this patchwork process, which can be different every year, using different combinations from your favorite sources. You might also let the Divine craft your devotional by drawing a card each day from a favorite tarot deck (or multiple decks), sitting in meditation with its meaning, and letting it inform a ritual or practice. Take this beyond just pulling a card by turning it into an action, uniting spirit, mind, and body."

  4. Learning How to Overcome Trust Issues


    Within the last week, I have received a number of messages asking how to overcome trust issues. I thought I would post this article instead of putting all the questions together! This is a great post because not only does it tell one how to overcome trust issues but also, how to deal with a loved one who has such issues.
    Article from lifescript.com

    Having trust issues is a debilitating component of relationships. From suspicion to outright dread toward your current significant other, trust problems can destroy relationships. How does one overcome trust traumas from the past? What does it mean to have trust issues that affect every aspect of life? 

    These are just a couple of the questions you may have if you have been taken advantage of to the point of seemingly no return.

    A Definition of Distrust: Looking At Trust Issues
    In order to understand issues of trust, we must first understand what trust really means. According to the dictionary, the definition of trust “implies instinctive unquestioning belief in and reliance upon something.” 

    This may sound like a hefty emotional order, however, it is absolutely vital for our well being that we are able to find this sort of unquestioning expectation in some area of our life, be it family, friends or lovers. Many may read this statement and point out that the word “unquestioning” is difficult to swallow.

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  6. "

    I pray in words. I pray in poems. I want to learn to pray through breathing, through dreams and sleeplessness, through love and renunciation.

    I pray through snow that falls outside the window.

    I pray with the tears that do not end.

    — Anna Kamienska (via thechakragoddess)
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    Practice self-love! It’ll take you a long way!

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